About Us

The joys and fun you enjoy while on a cruise trip or enjoying the sunny beach is the work of someone responsible for the natural habitat. The coast is a tourist destination all over the while. Come to think of it, what if people decide to be careless in waste disposal along the coast? Can you even enjoy the hot summers and the cold waters? You can’t even afford to stay there for more than an hour because of the stench. We are here to enjoy the coastal waterfronts that are safe and free from any pollutants. Our programs and activities focus on the conservation, preservation, and protection of the coast and its features. We do this by creating awareness to the public on ensuring the aquatic lives aren’t interfered with. We even go a step further and talk to the relevant authorities, including the fishermen, on the need to mind the aquatic life, especially the endangered species. 

We do these through

  • Marketing campaigns on coastal conservation
  • Media campaigns in the importance and preservation of the waterfront
  • Clean up exercises
  • Capacity building of relevant stakeholders
  • Creation of management committees for ground activities

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We ask everyone to get involved and help clean and save our ocean

Our hands-on program scopes of activities include clean-ups of streams, beaches, and bays. Join our advocacy to help us save our coastlines and the oceans! Email Us Today!