We aim to have clear waters free from any pollutants. We want people to visit the coastline and appreciate nature and all it has to offer. It is also within our jurisdiction to ensure minimal human interference with aquatic life. 

We go a step further to task the government to put up policies that include bans on anything that causes a threat to the coastline.


It is our joy to see the coats as clean as if no one ever steps on it even after many decades. That doesn’t mean that people should stop visiting the place. No, what we are communicating is that we want as many people as possible to see the waterfronts for fun or marine research. 

Our indicator of success is that people can still maintain cleanliness when there is a lot of traffic.

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We ask everyone to get involved and help clean and save our ocean

Our hands-on program scopes of activities include clean-ups of streams, beaches, and bays. Join our advocacy to help us save our coastlines and the oceans! Email Us Today!