Why should you clean, conserve, and preserve the coastline?

Preserve marine life

The moment you allow plastics and other waste to find themselves in the oceans, then be sure that you are slowly killing the aquatic life. Not only the animals but also the plants- algae in which the ocean animal feeds on. Once the population is decreasing, what then remains as the beauty of the ocean?


Prevent toxic waste from reaching the waters

Once industries know there is a watchdog who monitors their work and waste disposal strategies, then you are sure there is minimal toxic waste that will find themselves in the waters. Once these are kept at bay, marine life can go on with their endeavors underwater with no interference. The ripple effect is that you also get to enjoy the fun and pass it down to many generations to come. Maintenance of existing and endangered species for economic development and growth

 The jungle of the ocean- the whale, is the pride of the blue waters. The blue economy thrives as a result of tourists visiting specific oceanic sites to have a look at this gigantic animal. Do you know how much a country gains in terms of foreign exchange from tourism? Apart from that, the indirect benefits like improved infrastructure, the opening of remote areas, and economic growth.

That means that we have a lot to lose when we disown our oceans. We need them attractive and clean to entice foreign guests for the benefit of the dollars.

Provide a habitable environment for aquatic life

How do you feel when you go to an inhabitable home. You can even stand being there for a minute. That is the same effect the marine life feels when they are exposed to toxic waste in the form of plastic or organic matter. Therefore, we have no option to look at what gets to the eaters and the environment surrounding our oceans.

They play a hand in ensuring we have a habitable environment for sea animals to mate, breed, and increase the population. We benefit more like an economy.


Continuation of the ecosystem

Have you ever heard of the hydrological cycle? The excellent climate we enjoy starts with solar energy, which heats the ocean waters and further evaporates to form clouds which later come as rain. When there is a mess in any of the ecosystems, everything else is null and void. How will mangrove trees along the coast thrive on creating the habitat for breeding? When the rain stops or diminishes, be sure the sea level will reduce, affecting the plants and animals living underwater.

Therefore, it’s evident you need everything to maintain equilibrium to have a state of balance in the ecosystem.

Reduce ocean pollution

Water pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution are all threats to marine life. When there is oil spillage or waste from industries, the death o ocean animals is inevitable. The air needs to be fresh to prevent acid water from reaching the oceans. The animals need peace and minimal disturbance to enjoy their stay under the sea. This is the reason why we advocate for pollution prevention with all our energy and resources. We understand and have scientific proof they negatively affect life in the oceanic environment. If you have to do it, let that be the only option. Otherwise, you can choose to have green energy solutions to prevent any form of ocean pollution.  

As much as we are a watchdog, we tend to use the capacity building to create a sense of responsibility among citizens to ensure everything as far aquatic life is concerned is in its right place.

We ask everyone to get involved and help clean and save our ocean


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