How We Help Clean and Save Our Oceans

Our oceans are our most incredible resource, but they face increasing threats from climate change, overfishing, and pollution. Solving these challenges requires cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean.

It’s important to realize that it’s not enough to enjoy our oceans. Cleaning the oceans, streams, beaches, and bays can sometimes feel like a daunting undertaking, but you can make a big difference. Here is a list of activities we are doing to help preserve the oceans for future generations.


Cleanups of Streams

Millions of tons of trash end up in our nation’s rivers and streams every year. That’s why we are constructing stream control areas that maintain forest roads and remove objects that disrupt a river’s flow. Our team often uses permeable pavers that allow runoff to soak into the ground and be filtered. We also allow time at the end of the day for participants to relax, socialize, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We coordinate a few major stream cleanups per year and many smaller cleanups. Our main activities include planting trees to control erosion and runoff, removing appliances and old cars, and picking up trash. Typically, we find wheelbarrows helpful for moving larger pieces of garbage.

Beach Clean-up

Nearly 80 percent of pollution in our marine environment comes from the land. We make sure our beaches are a safe, healthy place to visit by spearheading a beach cleanup. Plus, recording data on the trash we collect can influence long-term solutions and decision making.  Our equipment includes trash bags, trash pickup sticks, gloves to protect hands, hand sanitizers, and anything else we might need.

Over the years, our campaigns have created a movement that cleans oceans and rivers. Currently, we finance an annual beach cleaning with 500 volunteers and voluntary financial contributions. By keeping this environment trash free, we help protect and preserve marine life.

Clean-Up of Bays

Research shows a steady decline in the health of bays. Ultimately, this degradation of water quality contributes to the decline of the bay’s living resources. This will continue unless action is taken. Every year, tens of thousands of volunteers come together to pick up trash from bay shorelines, beaches, creek, parks, storm drain, or city street near you. Our cleanup efforts help keep our coastal and riparian areas clean, benefiting wildlife and recreation.

Our agency depends on private businesses and residents to fund and coordinate debris removal from bays.  These individuals and organizations perform invaluable services by helping us to help clean bays. Join us as we come together (at a safe distance) to help protect and clean what we love.



We ask everyone to get involved and help clean and save our ocean


Our Hands-on program scopes of activities include clean-ups of streams, beaches, and bays. Join our advocacies to help and save our coastlines and the oceans! E-mail Us Today!


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